Challenge 02

Fake news in Indonesia often spread very fast because of Indonesian habits using social media. This fact is often used for certain purposes, so lately more and more news of this kind appear.

As an example, there was a news of a woman activist being assaulted. The news was finally proven to be fabricated and the person admitted that she was lying.

Even though we are astute enough compared to others who are gullible, sometimes we finally pass on the hoax because we repeatedly receive the same news.

The spread of this fake news can be classified as:

1. The news dies by itself after some time.

2. The news dies after the true news debunks it.

3. The news spreads continuously and uncontrollably, even after the true news is released

Describe the process and conditions so that a fake news goes into each of the groups above?

What is the best strategy to prevent the spreading of a fake news?